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Summer, Fall, Winter Editions

Our magazine Explores all that Northern Minnesota has to offer. Readers discover local hangouts and find all the area hot spots. They will discover our resorts, dining, recreation, and things to do. This guide will help them experience our area for the first time, again and again.

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What is your distribution?

Our guide is packed with inspirational content and distributed in both print and a digital format. The guide provides our small business partners with affordable access to a highly targeted audience. We reach travelers actively planning trips to the state and deciding what to see and do there.

The guide can also be ordered online or viewed digitally on the Explore UpNorth website.


2.3 Million Impressions
We will run targeted campaigns and expect an enormous amount of reach on our ads that vastly extend the reach of the guide and gives your ad huge digital exposure. Retargeting through paid social “follows” visitors who have seen our ads or visited ExploreUpNorth by showing our ads on other websites. We can also control the frequency at which a person sees ads, so no one feels overwhelmed by the messaging.

Utilizing paid search allows us to be in front of our audience as they are actively searching for relevant information. Keywords can be as specific or as broad as we would like. Campaigns can be constantly optimized focusing on the highest quality site traffic, conversion actions, and lowest CPC (Cost Per Click). When people are searching for terms like “family vacations in Minnesota,” we want to make sure that the businesses in Northern Minnesota have a presence in those searches.


750,000 Readers
Based on the readership of 25,000 print copies, the guide will be distributed through:

  • State Welcome Centers
  • Mall of America
  • MSP Airport
  • and other tourism partners.

The guide will also be mailed directly to agencies geared toward leisure visitors, meetings/convention planners, and group travelers who are assisting visitors who are planning their trip to Minnesota, and directly to television, radio, and newspaper outlets in press kits.


  1. Is this a new publication/website, etc.?
  2. What are the deadlines for the respective issues – Summer, Fall, Winter?
  3. What area(s) are you covering as “up north?”  Is there a line (real or imaginary) across the state that is included?


  1. Yes, Explore UpNorth is a new publication and website but it is not the first publication and website we have produced.  In our Visitors Guide Media Kit, we have included statistical data from our current clients.  We have 20+ years of experience in digital and print media.
  2. You can find the ad deadlines for the 2023 Visitors Guide in the contract portion of the media kit.  The print issues will be delivered in April for the premiere edition.
  3. Our northern Minnesota coverage area starts on the western edge of the state at HWY 210 and goes straight across to the eastern side, with select businesses in St. Cloud, Alexandria and Little Falls.