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Cloquet is a city in Carlton County, Minnesota, United States, located at the junction of Interstate 35 and Minnesota State Highway 33. A portion of the city lies within the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation and also serves as one of three administrative centers for the Indian Reservation. Cloquet began as a group of small settlements around three sawmills: Shaw Town, Nelson Town, and Johnson Town. These later became known as Knife Falls after a local waterfall over sharp slate rocks, and later as Cloquet. The area was platted in 1883 and the village of Cloquet was incorporated from the three settlements in 1884. It became a city with a mayor and city council in 1904. The word "Cloquet" first appeared on a map of the area by Joseph N. Nicollet in 1843 which named the Cloquet River, a tributary of the Saint Louis River, and the Cloquet Rapids to the north. "Cloquet" is a French surname but historians researching the name of the river and city have found no definitive answer, and are reduced to speculations. One of these is that the river might have been named after 19th century French scientists, the Cloquet brothers Hipployte and Jules, with the settlement later being named after the river.


Who, exactly, is behind Cloquet, MN’s name???

Kevin Kling narrates a short history of the town and its namesake.

Learn more about the history behind small towns across Northern Minnesota in the documentary, This Town.

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City of Thief River Falls

The City of Thief River Falls, population 8,722, is located in Northwestern Minnesota in Pennington County, approximately 70 miles south of the Canadian border, where the Thief River flows into the Red Lake River.  Not only does Thief River Falls serve as a regional center for its agricultural base, it has also developed and retained a commercial and industrial base that includes numerous manufacturing and distribution center jobs.

Chamber of Commerce

The Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit membership organization for businesses and organizations in the Thief River Falls community. The Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce promotes local shopping and business, supports and advocates for our members, provides opportunities for personal and professional development and plans local events to attract and retain people in Thief River Falls.